KITSUI Korean White Essence Serum 30mL


– Brightens the Skin
– Suitable for All Skin Types
– Treating Scars and Blackheads
– Makes your skin supple, healthy & smooth
– Fix facial skin problems
-Solve the problem of dry skin or oily skin.
-The skin will be lighter and the pores will shrink.
-Vitamin C content from Rosemary Extract makes the skin cleaner and acne -free.
-Protect from sunlight damage. Niacinamide can rebuild healthy skin cells as well as —Protect against damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
-Treat hyperpigmentation. Several studies have found that niacinamide can help in fading dark spots.

Suitable for: All skin type

-Apply the serum morning or night.
-Apply the serum after cleanser, toner and before your moisturizer.
-Avoid the area around the eyes.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 11 cm


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